One Brand with many faces: TAG Heuer

Bert Buijsrogge
Sep 27, 2018
One Brand with many faces: TAG Heuer
Image: Bert Buijsrogge

When looking at watch brands, many of them are clearly set a specific level. Their main focus is usually around a certain price level which can be described from entry-level all the way up to haute horlogerie and complicated timepieces. And although most brands do have a few variations in their collection, not many can say they offer it all.

Unlike Tag-Heuer who has an interesting approach in their watch collection and models. They do an interesting thing by presenting their novelties in a wide price range which are launched during Baselworld every year. Thus making their models available to almost everybody with an interest in watches.


From Quartz Watches to Tourbillons

Tag-Heuer pretty much has it all. Starting off with affordable quartz models the quality, and the price tag, slowly goes up. And it does so for quite a long way. Stepping up you will find ETA based calibers which are followed up by their own in-house developed movements. It goes all the way up to tourbillon watches and some crazy limited editions and very expensive high-end pieces which come with ground breaking techniques. Looking at their collection they pretty much have it all and even within the same model family you can find a watch that will match your own budget.


TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Tourbillon
TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph TourbillonImage: Bert Buijsrogge


No matter if you like the brand or their way of marketing with all the partnerships and brand ambassadors. Tag-Heuer has a lot to offer and does so with a rich history. Something you simply cannot ignore. They clearly take pride in re-creating some of their iconic watches with a modern touch using modern watchmaking.


A Lot of Racing

In their Formula 1 collection you will find several quartz chronographs that are friendly priced. For around 1.500 Euro you already have a variety of different sporty looking watches which come with several dial colours and matching or contrasting subdials. Depending on your taste they come with a metal bracelet, leather or nato strap.



Stepping up the game with the watch that followed up the Professional 2000 Series from the eighties is the Tag-Heuer Aquaracer. This model was first presented back in 2003. Also available in several variations including some stealthy pvd coated models. With their ETA based movements these are priced just over 2.000 Euro.

One of their most iconic models is the Monaco which was worn by Steve McQueen back in the days. This watch comes with a calibre 11 movement which has the crown on the left side of the case while the chronograph pushers are on the right side of the case. Although this layout is based on the original version it is different in functionality. Where the original model has the chronograph hours on the left and minutes on the right. On the modern variation you will find the chronograph minutes on the left, and a running-seconds on the right counter. Prices begin at 5.250 Euro and this model also available with a crown on the ‘normal’ right side for a slightly lower price.



The top of the range can be found in the Carrera collection and is an automatic chronograph with tourbillon which starts just over 15.000 Euro. Upon the launch this was a ground-breaking fact as tourbillon watches are normally roughly 6 times this price level. With different executions of the Carrera tourbillon Tag-Heuer also offers a diamond set model which comes closer to that price level.


TAG Heuer Carrera Tourbillon Chronograph
TAG Heuer Carrera Tourbillon ChronographImage: TAG Heuer


Last but not least is the modern interpretation of the iconic Autavia. Autavia is an abbreviation of the words AUTomobile and AVIAtion. Not only aimed at watch collectors and vintage enthusiasts but also made with their influence. An online poll called the “Autavia Cup” was used to consult the brands fanbase. By doing this they gave them the opportunity to choose their favourite version for this heritage collection watch. Over 50.000 votes picked the 1966 Autavia “Rindt” as the most popular model which was re-lauched in 2017.



So no matter what your budget is, Tag-Heuer sure has a lot to offer. Besides that it comes with a rich history. One of the good things is that they try to remain affordable. Something which some brands tend to forget nowadays as it seems that the only way is up.


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Bert Buijsrogge
By Bert Buijsrogge
Sep 27, 2018
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